Posted by on 12/27/2016 to News
WOOHOO! ARMY WON A BOWL GAME! We here at The Gilded Paw are huge Army fans, and we can think of no better way to celebrate this amazing win than with a Rock the Black and Gold inspired dog food bowl. It might be a bit cheeky, but hey, we won! We're allowed to be cheeky sometimes, and so are you! Follow the link below to get your pup in the Go Army spirit with a new food bowl today! Go Black Knights!!! Hand Painted Rock the Black and Gold "Bowl" Dog Bowl (Jumbo)

Christmas Special!

Posted by on 12/3/2016
Christmas is just around the corner, and we are very busy here at Gilded Paw preparing for the holiday season. Everyone knows how hectic holiday shopping can get, with packed department stores, rabid customers, exhausted employees, and the added stress of a time crunch. Why not skip that stress and get a pet you love the gift they deserve from the comfort of your home? That's why, this Christmas season, we are running a sale on one of DJ Pets' best dog beds. A deep scarlet color with gold accents, this plushy velvet bed is fit for any canine king or queen.
Follow this link and get $100 dollars off your purchase of this dog bed today!